Preparing For A Home Inspection

  1. Keep ALL utilities ON.

  2. Clear all access points such as attic and crawl spaces.

  3. Make sure all switches and outlets are working.

  4. Check all light fixtures and replace light bulbs that are burned out or damaged.

  5. Check and clean all ceiling fans. They should not wobble.

  6. Make sure all doors open/close and lock properly.

  7. Make sure windows function properly, can open and stay open as well as close and lock. Check overall condition of the windows as well as the screens.

  8. Check all appliances and make sure they are in working order. Run the dishwasher through an entire cycle and make sure there are no leaks.  All burners on the stove should work and the oven should operate normally. Make sure the refrigerator is cooling/freezing and the ice maker is working, turn ON the ice maker.

  9. Check for leaks at all of the faucets as  well as under the sinks.

  10. Make sure toilets are not loose, continuously running, or leaking. They should flush properly.

  11. Check hot water heater for leaks.

  12. Heat/air should function properly and maintain a comfortable temperature.

  13. Repair any known roof leaks.

  14. Check exterior siding for damage/defects.

  15. Check for loose steps or boards.

  16. Check for rotting or soft wood.

  17. Clean gutter and downspouts. Downspouts should drain away from the house.

  18. Check auto-reverse function of garage door.

  19. Clear items off the walls in the garage.

  20. At the time of inspection, remove or kennel pets and be prepared to leave.