Local Resources


City of Gulf Breeze   850.934.5100

Gulf Power   800.225.5797

City of Gulf Breeze/Natural Gas   850.934.5108

Midway Water System   850.932.5188

Waste Pro   850.365.1900

Mediacom   855.633.4226

AT&T UVerse   800.288.2020

DirecTV   877.423.3403

Gulf Breeze Elementary School   850.934.5185

Oriole Beach Elementary School   850.934.5160

Gulf Breeze Middle School   850.934.4080

Gulf Breeze High School   850.916.4100

Santa Rosa County Library System   Gulf Breeze location 850.981.7323

Gulf Breeze Area Chamber of Commerce   850.932. 7888

City of Gulf Breeze Community Center   850.934.5140

Tiger Point Park/Sports Association 

Tiger Point Golf Club   850.932.1333

United State Postal Service   Gulf Breeze location 850.932.0156

Gulf Breeze Police Department   850.934.5121

Gulf Breeze Fire Department   850.934.5131

Midway Fire District   850.932.4771

Baptist Hospital Gulf Breeze   850.934.2000

Andrews Institute   850.916.8700



Santa Rosa County   850.983.1877

South Santa Rosa Utilities System   850.934.5110

Santa Rosa County District Schools   850.983.5000

Santa Rosa County Development Services/Permitting   850.981.700

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office   850.983.1100

Santa Rosa County Animal Services   850.983.4680

Santa Rosa County Government   850.983.1877

Santa Rosa County Courthouse   850.981.5554

Santa Rosa County Tax Collector   850.983.1800

Santa Rosa Supervisor of Elections   850.983.1900

Santa Rosa County Department of Motor Vehicles   850.983.1800

Santa Rosa County Health Department   850.983.5200



City of Pensacola   850.435.1603

Gulf Power   800.225.5797

Pensacola Energy/Natural Gas   850.435.1800

City of Pensacola Sanitation Services   850.435.1890

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority   850.476.0480

Cox Communications   850.478.0200

AT&T UVerse   800.288.2020

DirecTV   877.423.3403

Pensacola Chamber of Commerce   850.438.4081

West Florida Public Libraries   850.436.5060

Pensacola Police Department   850.435.1900

Pensacola Fire Department   850.436.5200

Baptist Hospital   850.434.4011

Sacred Heart Hospital   850.416.7000

West Florida Hospital   850.492.3212

Pensacola State College   850.484.1000

University of West Florida   850.474.2000



Santa Rosa Island Authority   850.932.2257

Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce   850.932.1500

Pensacola Beach Public Works   850.932.5956

Pensacola Beach Elementary School   850.934.4020

Pensacola Beach Fire Department   850.475.5530

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Pensacola Beach   850.932.9211

Pensacola Beach Lifeguards   850.916.5232

Visitor Information   800.635.4803

Gulf Island National Seashore Visitor Information   850.934.2600



Escambia County   850.595.4947

Escambia County School District   850.432.6121

Escambia County Waste Services   850.937.2160

Escambia County Government   850.595.4947

Escambia County Tax Collector   850.438.6500

Escambia County Department of Motor Vehicles

Escambia County Building Services   Pensacola  850.595.3550

Escambia County Supervisor of Elections   850.595.3900

Escambia County Clerk of Court   850.595.4146

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office   850.436.9630

Escambia County Health Department   850.595.6500

Escambia County Veterans Services   850.595.1479

Escambia County Animal Services   850.595.0097

Escambia County Parks and Recreation   850.475.5220