At Real Estate House, Inc. we work tirelessly to provide exemplary personal service to sellers, buyers, owners and tenants. We are licensed to sell residential and commercial real estate and we represent over 80 rental properties in our property management division. Our friendly, experienced team of agents and brokers enjoy helping people navigate the ever changing real estate landscape by using our expert market knowledge and our proven marketing skills.  With the often overwhelming amount of “real estate data” that is available on the web today, it can be a daunting task trying to understand your local market. With our laser focus on the most recent and applicable data, we carefully and patiently counsel each customer and client.  This provides a better understanding for all and quickly minimizes the stress related to what is typically the most significant financial transaction that homeowners ever make. We believe when our clients and customers actually understand the market, the net result is happier, healthier relationships and successful transactions.  Always focusing on quality over quantity, Real Estate House, Inc. provides the one on one professional & personal service you deserve!